donderdag 7 april 2011

Brooklyn Decker: Beautiful Inside and Out

Brooklyn Decker has established her name as an American model who is most known for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition spreads. She is married to the tennis player Andy Roddick. She has parents who are both in the medical field. Her mom works as a nurse while her dad works with pacemakers.

She was raised in North Carolina and moved to New York after she finished her high school at David W. Butler High School. Later on, she signed up for a modelling agency that is based in Paris which has an office in New York. Her bookings quickly came which got her spreads in Glamour, FHM, and Teen Vogue, to mention some.

Brooklyn Decker started in 2006 with her annual appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. It led to a cover spot in the year 2010, in which she is said to have almost bared it all. For quite a while, she had a regular co-hosting stint at CNN/SI website, while she continued auditioning for TV and film roles. The auditions were not that successful though it did not make her stop from hoping.

Recently, she played a role in the comedy film starred by Adam Sandler entitled “Just Go With It”. She is Sandler’s lust object in the film, though it was Jennifer Aniston whom Sandler picked in the end. The role she played was more than a stunning and sexy body though, as she played a beautiful woman inside and out who can still make fun of herself without being funny. This characteristic is very true of the Brooklyn Decker in person, which is what got her cast in the film according to its casting director.

Brooklyn Decker in “Just Go With It”

Brooklyn Decker is noted to be a beautiful woman who possesses a disarming personality that naturally draws men and women towards her. Her accessible attitude makes her more human and makes people really want to be with her. It’s almost like she can get away with murder as she has a great skill in establishing chemistry with people.

She did not have the passion for acting at an early age. Her interest to be an actress got spiked by her longing to compensate for her lack of college education. She said she felt she was dumb and needed to have something that will stimulate her brain, which acting can do to her during her travels to shoot across the world. She finds this kind of experience lacking in her modelling experiences.

Brooklyn Decker humbly accepts that at the moment, her modelling pays better than her acting. Though that does not stop her to audition for more roles. Since the 1980s, a few models have made their way to successfully shift from modelling to acting, which pays better in the long run. Some of these models who have become successful actresses include Rene Russon, Cameron Diaz and Milla Jovovich, who remain to be Decker’s role models.

The most recent role she played is Adam Sandler’s lust interest in the romantic comedy film “Just Go With It”. Sandler is co-starring with Jennifer Aniston. Brooklyn Decker is a stunning woman who can be funny but did not have to be funny, which is exactly what she is as a person, a trait that made the movie’s casting director pick her among a long list of aspirant models and actresses who auditioned for the role.

Brooklyn Decker: Classy Sassy Girl

Brooklyn Decker is among the few hopefuls who wants to find her way to succeed as an actress. Since the 1980s, there were many models who attempted to shift from modelling to acting and the few who succeeded include big names like Rene Russo, Cameron Diaz, and Milla Jovovich.

While she had her modelling career fully booked, she never stopped auditioning for acting roles. These auditions did not turn out to be very successful, but she never got discouraged. She had a few short roles in TV shows like Ugly Betty and a couple more in 2009. Recently, she landed a role in the movie “Just Go With It”.

Brooklyn Decker might be labelled as a woman who’s sassy but with class. The movie’s acting director noticed something in her that makes a cut above the rest of the stunning models and actresses who auditioned for her role. Not so many hot women can look stunning but still make fun of herself. In the movie, she put justice to her role as Sandler’s lust interest, who was more than just a sexy body and beautiful face.

Decker will also play a role in the “Battleship” 2012 movie. In her entire modelling career, she had her own share of negative criticisms from people who thought she did not have a “sexy body at all”. She is expecting the same kinds of criticisms about her acting, that is why she never stopped learning. Brooklyn Decker attends acting trainings in New York and Los Angeles, which is an admirable determination.